Sunday, May 06, 2007

Coming Soon to This Blog....more complete commentary?

A tough week with too much work, rain and stress.
I did seek out down time to read - but had NO time to blog.
So, quick bites tonight and hopes to make good on the title above:

Summer of Kings: Liked it's slice of history feel, but not the characters. Could not believe the age-definition provided for the two sisters -- not even close. Had a sort of Mockingbird-esque thing going at times -- but mainly made me want to re-read Francie.

Buried: Wanted to check out the new YA Edgar Winner. Twisted. Mind-gamey. Didn't guess the ending.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: A fun, if profanity-laced, ride. (Not a candidate for the Clean Reads List.)

Firegirl: A tiny book with an interesting premise and protagonist. A bit heartbreaking. Nice shaking off childhood the hard way story.

In the Belly of the Bloodhound: I'm caught up with Bloody Jack now and anxious for the next installment. This series never fails to deliver.

Now You See Her: Ah, interent ploys and big names aside, I did not care for this one at all. Really. Not at all.

Harmless: Another one I did not really like much. Secrets kept by threes. Oy. Disappointing, really. For a better "fake secrets kept by threes" I'd re-read What Mr. Mattero Did.

Tantalize: Go vampire fiction, go. This had me guessing and there were some perfect bits: the two menus and what they contained.... excellent. I have to say, I still put The Silver Kiss and Twilight at the top of my neck-biter's list.

What the Dead Know: I like Lippmann, but sorely missed Crow & Tess.

BEST ADULT FICTION BET: Water for Elephants. Loved this -- especially reading it close on the heels of Freaks Alive on the Inside. Worthy of all the buzz it's gotten. And oh, such an ending, such an ending...... glad I read it. You will be, too.

BEST MIDDLE GRADE LIT BET: The Mysterious Benedict Society. Wow. Part City of Ember, part The Ear the Eye and the Arm and part Wrinkle in Time, this is a marvelous book! Smart, clever, thrilling, funny, brave -- my favorite middle-range read of the past couple of months, actually! A definite recommendation on this one!

BEST YA LIT BET: Ysabel. A totally original and enthralling journey through centuries of war and devotion. Could not put this one down until I saw how it played out. Really good stuff!!!!! Another serious recommendation.


Jen Robinson said...

Better brief commentary than no commentary, I say. Much better. Thanks especially for the Benedict Society recommendation. I've been intrigued by that one. I enjoy Laura Lippman's books, too. Hope that you have a more relaxing week coming up.

web said...

Gah, we're all so busy lately. But not too busy for a meme, right? Tag!