Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fresh Horses!!

Ah, fresh horses for new journeys -- otherwise known as a great big new stack of books.

Finally have my hands on Drowned Maiden's Hair and Kiki Strike. Managed to locate a copy of Swordbird. And despite my reservations about the cover, I also brought home Octavian Nothing.

Bringing any books home right now is a true leap of faith, as I have only FOUR (yes, count them with me and weep) days off for the rest of the month of March. But I will do my best. The stack is humming like the crate in the hold of the Nazi ship in Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I won't be able to resist long, regardless of my exhaustion levels....

I also want to take two minutes to thank some of the other bloggers in the K-Sphere for a couple of things:

  • I am SO intrigued by the new Brian Selznick work and am already on the reserve list. Many thanks (despite the envy involved) to those who have early access to such delightful new books for sharing the latest with everyone in the K-Sphere.

  • I adore visiting Julius Lester's blog and send a big thanks for a link mentioning it. It is a nightly stop for me now.

  • Thanks, too, to those who trumpet great new picture books. I have Scaredy Squirrel awaiting my pickup and bought my favorite Mr. Putter and Tabby book to add to my own bookshelf. Now I just need to borrow a youngster to read them with!

Keep the faith everyone! We spring forward this weekend and tender crocus blossoms are trembling just below the surface of the earth. (Or in the case of us here in the Midwest, just under the several feet of drifted snow!)

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