Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm Sorry, But You're Over Your Limit.....

Not a DUI, friends.
Nope, the dreaded MTF.
What's that, you say?
More Than Fifty.
As in, you have too many books checked out.

How can there be such a thing?
Too Many Books????!!!???

I stopped at the main library to pick up a book being held for me - and of course had to swing past the new book shelf in the kids' and teens' sections - and as I happily began to run my new treasures through the self-checkout, I got a wickedly nasty buzzing sound and a screen message instructing me to go to the counter.

No big deal - perhaps one of the new books wasn't scanning right or something.
Uh, nope! I was informed that I had reached my book limit!!!

Oy! It was a horrible Sophie's Choice scene at the counter as I agonized over who to give back and who to take home.

Again, I say --- TOO MANY BOOKS??? Not possible. Simply not possible.

1 comment:

Jen Robinson said...

Too funny! I like the Sophie's Choice analogy.