Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Body of Christopher Creed

Ah, you think I don't know that this is not the cover to match the title of this entry, right? Not so.

This book follows the bizarre circumstances of one LONG night's investigation into the disappearance of the narrator's kid sister from a local disintegrating pier. Is it murder? Accidental death? Suicide? An elaborate prank?

The answer is explored by having everyone who was at the pier (and there were a BUNCH of them , friends) tell their account of the night's events and then gossip about all the major players. Our narrator is able to listen in due to a faulty sound system in the police interrogation room, and we get to listen, too. There are small town dramas, pregancies, incest rumors, bad behavior, cliques, teen angst... the laundry list from any night time (or daytime) soap opera.

It takes stamina to get through this small book. And for me, it was a lousy payoff.

So why did I title this The Body of Christopher Creed? Because it is a book of Plum-Ucci's that I thought was riveting and worthy of its Printz honor. Do yourself a favor and skip this one and read (or re-read) that one instead.

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