Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mother Reader's 4th Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge!


Love books? Looking for an excuse to blow off everything for 48 hours to indulge your reading jones?

Head on over to Mother Reader's place for the scoop on the 48 Hour Book Challenge! I've participated in the past three challenges and loved every gritty-eyed moment. This time, I'm out -- on a solo road trip during the designated challenge weekend - but I urge all you other book-devouring souls to get over to Mother Reader's blog NOW to sign up.

It's crazy fun, and this time around has new options for adult books, graphic novels, even reading book blogs - and an option to read for a terrifically worthy cause, too! There are cool winner prizes and random rockin' door prizes! (As if allowing yourself to read whatever you want for 2 full days isn't prize enough - sheesh!)

Go - what are you waiting for?!!! And hey, read 30 books for me!!!

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