Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 36

No, it's not a new YA series, it's the number of consecutive 10+ hour days I have spent at work. And sadly, I fear the the number will go nowhere but up.

Nonetheless, I still make attempts to read the books that beckon from my "renewed-three-times-and-then-reserved-at-another-library-and-renewed-from-there-three times" pile.

Yeah, completely lunatic levels of optimism....

Did I mention I just completed Day 36?

But I am driven to post quickly tonight about Suzanne Collins' THE HUNGER GAMES.

I did the agonizing "just one chapter" test of a bunch of my "for heaven's sake, just take it back - you owe money now!" titles and this one caught me.

Seriously - the last line of the first chapter? I dare you not to read on.

Even with my computer-screen addled eyes, I could not put it down until I finished last night.

It was just the thing for my mood: intrigue, cruel societal norms, plucky heroine, intriguing leading man, themes worth considering, death, survival, humor.... tons of good stuff!

And what's more - it quite obviously will spawn a sequel!

I know this is a really lousy review -- and this is a truly fine book that deserves a more fluent mind and pen than I can currently manage -- so look beyond all that to realize how seriously I am recommending it given my nearly out-of-body weariness.

Pick this one up - it's worth your time.

I've thought about it all day today.

-- ZG

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