Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Books

Blue Like Friday
Siobhan Parkinson
A tender Irish tale about two pals on a crazy mission to break up a burgeoning relationship.
Go Big or Go Home
Will Hobbs
Ah, Will Hobbs, catapults, Crazy Horse, meteors, cave exploration, alien life forms, guard dogs, bison-leaping, coroner dreams - need I say more?
Hurricane: A Novel
Terry Trueman
Painful, poignant portrait of life in a small village after Hurricane Mitch. Hard and hopeful at once.
Meg Cabot
Meg takes on romantic rivalry in NYC among two related teen witches in this wicked tale.
Juliet's Moon
Ann Rinaldi
A look at the Civil War from the Southern side through the eyes of a young girl. Lots of history and historical figures that I knew little to nothing about...
Season of Ice
Diane Les Becquets
Cold, sad story of a father gone missing in the frozen lakes of northern Maine.
The Comeback Season
Jennifer E. Smith
The Cubs endless quest for the pennant, a dead-too-soon father, and a romance with a cancer-riddled teen boy make for a teary tale of hope and loss.
When the Black Girl Sings
Bil Wright
Nice story of an adopted black girl finding her voice - literally - in a very white world.

8 books, 1787 pages, 7.5 hours

- ZG


Little Willow said...

I liked The Comeback Season. One of those quiet, true books.

Ha. Jinx was in my to-read pile as well. Next week!

Ms. Yingling said...

Wow. You read even more than I do, and that's saying a lot! I'm glad I did the challenge and found your blog.