Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flood of Emotion

It's been a rough couple of weeks here in the Midwest.

The water rose and rose and rose some more, erasing familiar landmarks in a murky swirl. That surreal environment was haunting and unsettling and nearly unimagineable.

Little did we know that as the water took its leave, the indelible marks left on those same landmarks would be infinitely more unsettling and heartbreaking.

Many tears have been shed for the loss of homes, schools, churches, businesses, and countless untold precious treasures --and among those precious treasures are the books that made up the heart of my hometown library's collection.

All of you who love books and the power of words will know the utter sadness engendered by these photos released by the Cedar Rapids Library staff this week....

Consider sending a prayer and a smile and maybe a book or two their way.

-- ZG

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