Saturday, September 15, 2007

Healing With Books Part 2

Well, recovery continues. It's too slow for my taste, but I do have time to read!

Wow - Four good books in a row today:

A Crooked Kind of Perfect - I just adored this book. Loved every character, loved the heroine, loved the writing. It's a sunny Newbery kind of book. I recommend it.

Guyaholic - Surprisingly involving story of a teen learning to let go of past hurt and reach out for a loving future. Certainly not what the title or the cover would have suggested would be waiting inside.....

Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature - Finally, a local library added this to their collection so I could see what everyone in the KL-osphere has been chatting about! And it's all true! This is a terrific book about a difficult subject (religion & evolution) without cheap stereotypes. The heroine is endearing and believably conflicted - the other characters intriguing. This is just a really great book! Again - I'm jumping on the bandwagon and recommending this one!

Peter and the Starcatchers - I had resisted reading this (Dave Barry??), but a friend gave it to me with stern instructions to read it during my recovery and I admit I did enjoy it. The "new" take on a classic story is always a good ride (when well-done) and I closed the book aching to have an upper elementary school class to read it aloud to in thrilling installments!!!

And some others that were okay.....

Number Eight - A "boy with OCD gets involved in a mob mystery" book. Nuff said.

The Invisible - One of those "nearly-dead character hangs around to see his murderers caught" tales. Interestingly written (a translated offering) and with a sadly moving ending. I understand it has already been optioned as a movie....

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Jen Robinson said...

Hope you're feeling better. We happened to just see a preview for The Invisible last night, and thought that it looked great.

Be well!