Saturday, July 07, 2007

Long Time No Thanks

It's been a good long while, I know. Sometimes that is just life.

I do want to say thanks to a bunch of folks for the ultra-cool stuff in my 48HBC prize box. I know they weren't chosen especially for me (to quote the old game show hosts) but I am enjoying them so, I do want to say thanks:
  • Journey-Woman -- your Starbucks card has kept me in much needed morning caffeine!
  • Wrung Sponge -- your iris photo is completely gorgeous and inspiring.
  • Barry Dennenberg - delighted to have your autographed book!
  • Beth - what a gorgeous necklace and bracelet!!!
  • Celise Downs - an autographed book and two cool key finders!
  • Bonny Becker - love the autographed book and LOVE "The Christmas Crocodile"!!!!!!!!
  • J & M Holm: An autographed Baby Mouse book and a (now framed) personalized drawing!
  • Threadless - ah, my emo poems are known by Shakespeare, huh? Nice hoodie!
  • Mother Reader - for all the other assorted treats and goodies - especially the paper bead jewelry!

The fun of reading for all those hours is still the best part of it all - but getting a box of such varied and amazing booty was also pretty dang cool, too! So thanks everyone!!!!

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