Friday, April 27, 2007

MotherReader: The Second Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge

MotherReader: The Second Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge

I urge and implore all of you to join in this somewhat insane but wholly delightful affair!
It is, quite seriously, what got me to start this blog. Until MR laid down the gauntlet, I had been a sad lurker in the Kidlitosphere. Reading posts by those still connected to kids and books and feeling quite sorry for myself. But MR's 48 Hour Book Challenge was like a good "Coulda Had a V8" smack upside the head for me -- I could stop lurking and dive right back into the pool of words, words, wonderful words. Fabulous pool it was, too, as I am still here and much the better for it all -- so do not hesitate another minute! Click the link and get signed up for one of the most indulgent and rewarding 48 hours of your summer! Do it!!!

All right, need further inspiration? Click here to see the amazing list of the books all of the participants racked up last year during the Inaugural Challenge! Or pop over to Chasing Ray for an incredible list of coming of age books to pursue. Or hop over to Jen's for a list of cool girls in literature. Or her list of 175 cool guys. Or check out the Cybils List. Or track down the new list of "Thump" books. Go to the public library and load up on everything that looks good to you. It's a feast for heaven's sake - go a little wild!

Wonder if I can manage to renew the 30 currently on my shelf until June 8th.......???

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Sheila said...

I didn't know that last year's 48 hour book challenge was what got you started here. Boy, when you jump in, you really jump in - since you won the challenge last year!