Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Illustrators I Adore

I don't read many picture books these days. I can chat or email about a novel and still feel I've shared it. But a picture book? For me, not having a child to read it aloud with dilutes the joy.

Nonetheless, I have a couple of illustrators whose work I love. Yes, Love. If I could afford to buy something of theirs that I've lusted over at the Storyopolis gallery, it would be all over my walls.

Barring that, I guess I can at least hang a couple here to share with the K-Sphere Gang!

I have never met an illustration by David Catrow that I was not utterly smitten with.

I just feel better about everything in the world when I get a chance to soak in some of this zany stuff. David Catrow, I salute you. Never stop illustrating children's books, okay? (David does not appear to have any sort of organized web presence - or I would send you there to revel in his creative genius. But if you need a happy respite from the world, type his name into a local card catalog and go sit on the floor in the children's room and bliss out.)

And then there's the completely stunning talent of Ana Juan.

I saw the cover of this book in passing while touring a book bindery and wrote the title on the back of my hand so that I could order it the instant I got back to the library. The style is exotic and gorgeous. Ana does have a nifty webpage (much of it in Spanish) and you should definitely visit.

Ah, sharing is a lovely thing. Enjoy!

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