Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hello, My Name Is ZG and I'm a Book Addict....

Uh, yeah.
The heady delight of reading has me in it's clutches for sure, friends.
I just checked to see how many books I have currently checked out and I came up with 50.
Oooooh, baby.


web said...

Our item limit at the library is 99, so I had to get my kid his own card!

Jen Robinson said...

That is a lot of library books. I actually get stressed out if I have too many library books, because what if I don't have time to read them all before I have to return them? That's one of the reasons why I buy books instead. But I did check out five library books this week, too. But that's without kids - I'm sure if I had them I would check out dozens.

I'll definitely post about Rules of Survival when I read it. Framed I'll probably wait to comment on publicly, since I'm a Cybils judge for MG.

Happy reading!