Saturday, June 24, 2006

Great Zeus! Are You Reading AGAIN This Weekend?!

So said my spouse as he discovered me after breakfast, curled up with Rick Riordan's
The Lightning Thief. What can I say? It looked like rain, I have the day off, and dust and laundry are eternally patient.

It's been a long time since I had to read about Ancient Gods, but that did not hamper my total enjoyment of this book. (In fact, I discovered I wished I had paid more attention back then - and wished this book had been around to recommend to the kids I knew who were struggling to connect with those same lessons!) The nearly 400 pages read quickly as the twists and loops of the plot kept the pace humming. I loved discovering his Half-Blood status along with Percy, and being along through each of the increasingly apocalyptic run-ins between the three godlings and their unknown enemies. (Especially the altercation in the St. Louis Arch!)

A wild ride through mythology, complete with two cross country journeys and a side trip to the Underworld? What a way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!

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